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May 13, 2010

No response from PrettyMay — AT ALL

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PrettyMay support staff have now blocked me in their Skype (their preferred method for talking with and helping their customers). So now I am an unhappy customer with no way to contact the company for support at all.

Thanks PrettyMay Support Team! You have ONCE AGAIN confirmed that you really don’t want to take care of your customers. When customers complain that the software is not working, and obviously not fixable, and a refund in in order, you just cut the customer off and ignore them.

I guess if you get PrettyMay Call Center for your company, prepare to always be happy and excited to talk to them, or they will block you too!

Please leave a comment for PrettyMay to see, if you are choosing not to buy their software because of what you have read here on this blog. I would LOVE for them to see just how much CUSTOMER SERVICE means to customers. I want them to see that BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE means a loss of sales revenue. I want them to see that they have lost sales because potential customers have read about my experience with them.

They need to see the consequences of lousy customer service! Please leave a comment. THANKS!


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