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May 13, 2010

No response from PrettyMay — AT ALL

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PrettyMay support staff have now blocked me in their Skype (their preferred method for talking with and helping their customers). So now I am an unhappy customer with no way to contact the company for support at all.

Thanks PrettyMay Support Team! You have ONCE AGAIN confirmed that you really don’t want to take care of your customers. When customers complain that the software is not working, and obviously not fixable, and a refund in in order, you just cut the customer off and ignore them.

I guess if you get PrettyMay Call Center for your company, prepare to always be happy and excited to talk to them, or they will block you too!

Please leave a comment for PrettyMay to see, if you are choosing not to buy their software because of what you have read here on this blog. I would LOVE for them to see just how much CUSTOMER SERVICE means to customers. I want them to see that BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE means a loss of sales revenue. I want them to see that they have lost sales because potential customers have read about my experience with them.

They need to see the consequences of lousy customer service! Please leave a comment. THANKS!


May 11, 2010

PrettyMay Call Center (PMCC) Review

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I was looking for a well-featured, inexpensive call center solution for my small business. My searches led me to and what looked like a great piece of software.

Boy was I wrong, and after the last 3+ months of tech support HELL, I can honestly say that this software is sub-standard, unreliable, and embarrassing to have had in place for the last 3 months.

For starters, it has always been unreliable. I worked with Tech Support through the 15 day free trial, and blew right past the 30-day money back guarantee…with the same recurring problem. PMCC does not reliably answer incoming calls. Sometimes it doesn’t make outgoing calls at all, and it absolutely MUST BE restarted multiple times a day if you want it to work at all.

And all this for the low, low price of $650 (originally advertised at $600).

If you want to SAVE money, buy something more expensive, because I can tell you that you will lose customer who wonder if you went out of business because the phone doesn’t answer–or answers and hangs up immediately on them–and at the very least they will complain to you and others about what a terrible phone system you have.

If you want to SAVE money, do not buy PrettyMay Call Center. Sure it looks cheap…a one-time license cost of $650, and monthly charges for a Skype account (unlimited calling plan is actually limited to 50 calls a day, and 10,000 minutes a month). Sure looks affordable, even with the limits…

…but it will cost you a tremendous amount of time with their support people in China…in the middle of night because that is the only time they will offer you support…and they will remote to your PMCC computer and point out thing that are wrong, ¬†and then make changes…until the NEXT time you get support, and you get a tech who points out something that is wrong (which is what the other support people changed) and then change it back.

All the while, they stay very positive and try to keep you believing that they can and will fix the problem…but meanwhile the free trial period expires…and then the return policy expires…and they are still working on the problem…

…and 90 days later you will be so frustrated that you just want your money back, and they will tell you it is too late for that. They will tell you that they have a 30-day policy, and you should have asked for a refund back then…back when they were still promising to make it work right. Back when they told you they had finally solved the problem (and it seemed to work for a day or so)…

These guys are crooks! They will cheat you out of your money!

I would gladly have traded the last 3 months with even the highest monthly VOIP Business Line fees to avoid THIS NIGHTMARE!

Don’t just walk away…RUN!

Have you had a bad experience with PMCC? Please leave a comment here!

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